Hi, and welcome to my small fine art prints shop, part of Karin-Elizabeth.com, which is my fine art website and portfolio. A little background story:

I joined Etsy in September 2007, intending to have a nice, big prints shop, but never quite getting to it. I’m awkward when it comes to putting my work out there. I truly am. I’m easily overwhelmed by my desire to do everything perfectly right. This is a good quality for a shop owner, to want to do right by my customers as best as I could, but it also held me back.
When I started my business as a photographer here in The Netherlands though, and sold several book covers, I realized that maybe my work is sell-able after all! And so I dipped my toes into the huge, open ocean that is Etsy and opened a shop, selling my fine art portraits and landscapes.

I didn’t do too badly… just never quite well enough to justify putting money into keeping up a storefront to sell a print every now and again. Eventually having an Etsy shop ended up costing me more than I was making. I never stood out enough to make proper sales, despite being included in an enormous amount of Etsy Treasuries. It dawned on me that I could have tons of moodboards for free on Pinterest, but instead I was paying to use what I can only refer to as… PinterEtsy.
A bad customer experience sealed the deal. Transparency: I tried to do right by my customer and it totally backfired; what little confidence I’d gained as a seller disappeared, and the awkward non-seller was back once more. I felt misunderstood, mistrusted even, and the experience was too impersonal. This individual didn’t see the person behind the moodboards shop. Etsy was no longer for me; I closed my shop and never looked back.

But I was still getting requests and inquiries about my work, and that is why I’m here today. You see, Etsy may not be my platform, but I truly do feel my work is sell-able; I also understand now (hindsight) that I’m catering to a modest group of buyers, and my sales will not be overflowing. And that it’s okay to keep it small, keep it simple, and keep it from being overwhelming. I don’t need to sell hundreds of prints, I only need to provide the option for people who are interested. I have the desire to share and sell my work… and the innate desire to do my best by others – which is what it’s all about.
The very few of you who want to buy a print can buy one directly from me, buyer meeting seller head on. People who shop here are actually here just for my work, and I appreciate that. Here, I can be myself. Here, I feel we – buyer to seller and vice versa – can appreciate each other more, and work constructively and positively towards solutions in the event of arising issues.

I will keep selling my landscapes and fine art photography here, which has been described as luminous, a phrase that hit the nail on the head, because I adore (natural) light and finding the best ways to incorporate light into my photography.
I also strive to tell stories with my photography, allowing viewers to wonder what is going on in a particular scene. I like to express and evoke emotions and possibilities.

I’m mostly selling smaller prints right now, up to 30x20cm, but I am working on providing bigger prints in the near future. I’m also working on opening a small royalty free, exclusive Stock section. I’m excited to expand, excited to be a part of this, to not be a drop in the vast ocean that is Etsy (or a forgotten ship wreck at its bottom)… but to be my very own little pond.

My name is Kaat. Feel free to contact me any time.

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